NewbornAbduction - a most efficacious prevention of dysplasia.Put the newborn on his back, bend the legs at the knees and push to a stomach. Gently spread them apart. Repeat this exercise several minutes. Then turn a newborn on his stomach and repeat the same thing.DysplasiaThe nuclei of hip joints of children are underdeveloped, their formation is not yet complete. It is so significant to recognize however early how potential and treat dysplasia.  Photo 116 backrest  Child. Alike Baby upkeep.articles:Maintenance of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. Supplementing is not required

BabyBut here's another common situation: mum's milk is enough, helf kid "walks" and is big, and in a small. But slowly gaining mass, restless behavior upon suckling or refuses to take the warm. And associates still inclined to blame a lack of mother's milk and insist on supplementary feeding. Strive to find a true cause of the problem.A pace of evolution and weightiness gain affect stressors. This is a difficult birthday, and infant colic, and treatment of the infant, and his mom's simply a lack of striving or incompetent care. This may be the cause of problems and the lustiness of the baby.Restless, with weeping, jerky suckling occasionally cause poor attachment. Читать полностью -->

Baby maintenance. Fresh fruits for nursing moms

NewbornWhat fruits may be eaten nursing mum not to hurt a baby? Be vigilant at this point, however it is today, so right how during childbearing, you upkeep not alone about a hygiene but also a health of your baby. It is important to know that a plum in a diet must be administered in doses and gradually, a baby was getting used to the schedule for, which would not cause him discomfort. Discomforts must not be at a very mum. Pay special attention to fruits contain substances that may cause allergies, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons. Any time eating a slice, so any, listen to your body and observe a behavior of the child. It want be understood that a strawberries for all its benefits, can not come to the liking malyutke, if you do not know a steps.Undoubtedly, fruit lactating mums are necessary and influential in a diet, most importantly know when to stop, and if in doubt, so by all means consult a physician, dietitian or a consultant on breast-feeding. Читать полностью -->

EARLY GROWTH OF CHILDREN - Babies's sports complex

BabyIf possible, it is good to install a landline kids's sports complex for a bodily progress of the newborn.Read moreBabyEarly childhood developmentTo a child's evolutionCalendar of newborn constructionTests of child construction: 1-3 monthsTests of baby building: 4-6 monthsTests of newborn development: 7-9 weeksTests of the child: 10-12 weeks   Moms. Resembling Newborn attention.articles:Analyses newborn: blood, urineBabySimulated feeding. MixturesChildBaby maintenance. Vitamins for childrenNewborn. . . Читать полностью -->

Classic pose of breast-feeding - "cradle"

ChildGrasp Mamysh with a mitt that is closer to the head of his mum holding a baby in front of his chest, grasping it with one hand while the other falls chest. In this position may be potential.One moms convenient clasp kid with a hand that is closer to his head, giving his chest with the other mitt (that is, if a kid in a left natural, the mum is holding his left mitt and right hand supports the warm, and vice versa). Baby's head is on the hand of her mom's elbow.Other gerls more suited the same pose with slight modification. You clasp the child hand, the opposite natural, he sucks (that is, the kid sucks the left breast, and you hold it with a right mitt and left chest filing). This option is called "cross-cradle". It is specifically momentous for infants, however mom holds a baby's head with his mitt.  "A cross-cradle" on a pillow is comfortable for a small ones Keep child to grip the chest: a nipple want be above rotika baby, almost at a level of his nose. Читать полностью -->

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