Attention of a newborn. Increase lactation 3 hours

BabyIf you think that warm milk is special becoming less and less, do not rush to transfer a baby to the adapted formulas. It is perfect to pick up steps to increase a amount of milk.Lactation is cyclical, and every 1.5-TWO weeks a small milk decreases. A first such crisis - a most heavily. When you get over it, nothing may prevent the full feeding a baby. Adjust yourself on breast-feeding duration. Later all, presently that you know what a joy!  Newborn. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN - Kids's sports complex

ChildIf potential, it is good to install a landline babies's regular sports complex for the material growth of the child.Read moreBabyEarly childhood growthTo a newborn's developmentCalendar of newborn developmentTests of baby growth: 1-3 monthsTests of child growth: 4-6 monthsTests of newborn building: 7-9 monthsTests of the newborn: 10-12 months   Baby. Alike Child.articles:Newborn upkeep. A child 11 weeksChildCare of a newborn. Rickets in babiesChildMothers. Thin hair loss after giving birthNewborn. . Читать полностью -->

Child. Increase lactation 3 days

ChildIf you To think of that fresh natural milk is daily becoming less and less, do not hasten to transfer a baby to the adapted formulas. It is consummate to pick up steps to increase the quantity of natural milk.Lactation is cyclical, and every 1.5-2 weeks a some milk decreases. The 1-st such crisis - a most difficult. When you have over it, nothing may prevent a full feeding a child. Adjust yourself on breastfeeding duration. After all, at the present time that you know what a joy!  Attention of a child. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. Terms of taking vitamin

ChildVitamins are convenient to apply, specifically those which request to remember alone once daily. Typically, a sweet syrup or tablet to be taken during or after a meal. It is correct to do it in the reasonable. In the satisfying the newborn is most efficient, and his aging body perfectly will acquire the necessary substances.Vitamins may not be stored for future apply. Most of them do not accumulate in the body. A alone exceptions are a fat-soluble vitamin A, E, D, which in large quantities are toxic and therefore dangerous.If a kid takes vitamins in the shape of syrup. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. EARLY EVOLUTION OF BABIES - Babies's sports complex

ChildIf possible, it is best to install a landline kids's sports complex for a material development of the baby.Read moreChildEarly childhood developmentTo a baby's buildingCalendar of newborn developmentTests of child development: 1-3 monthsTests of baby progress: 4-6 monthsTests of child construction: 7-9 weeksTests of a newborn: 10-12 weeks   Newborn service. Alike Child service.articles:Moms. Postpartum DepressionNewbornNight-feedingBabyNewborn. Fall thin hair later childbirthBaby. . . Читать полностью -->

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