Fruits for nursing moms

BabyWhat fresh fruits may be eaten nursing mum not to hurt the baby? Be vigilant at this point, however it is today, however well as during pregnancy, you leaving not only about your hygiene but also the hygiene of the baby. It is great to know that the berries in your ration must be administered in doses and gradually, the child was getting used to the dietary, which would not cause him discomfort. Discomforts should not be at the extremely mom. Pay particular striving to fruits contain substances that can cause allergies, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons. Every time eating a slice, then some, listen to your body and observe a behavior of a child. It must be understood that a melon for all its benefits, can not come to a liking malyutke, if you do not know a steps.Undoubtedly, fruit lactating mothers are necessary and momentous in your regimen, most importantly know when to stop, and if in doubt, then by all means consult a physician, dietitian or a consultant on breast-feeding. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. What's following?

BabyFollowing cleaning a wish to cover a baby with a towel and gently blot the moisture in the crotch.Any baby's makeup earlier applying the newborn want be checked for adult facial skin. To do this, rub a small quantity on the face of the elbow and watch a reaction. At the end of 5-10 minutes on the site should not appear redness or rash. In addition, pediatricians are advised to use cream, talc, oil, etc. At 1st, in the palm of the mum so covers the child. If a face of the newborn is healthy (velvety, pink), it makes no sense to use a infants's make-over, however a skin demands to "breathe", and hygiene can disrupt this process.Skin folds smeared newborn fluid (for application under a diapers). Читать полностью -->

Baby care. A umbilical ring

BabyOccasionally the newborn's umbilical ring closes more slowly than ordinary. As a effect, you may have a small (about the size of an inch) an umbilical hernia. Chances are good that it will pass when a abdominal muscles have stronger. In a meantime, do sure that a baby was crying less. Following all, while it is more annoying screaming muscles of the abdomen, and this hernia will alone increase.In ordering to help the kid, do with it an exercise to strengthen the abdominal wall - so a hernia will disappear faster. To do this more often lay a newborn on his stomach on the hard surface. Читать полностью -->

EARLY BUILDING OF INFANTS - Babies's regular sports complex

ChildIf possible, it is good to install a landline children's sports complex for a material building of a child.Read moreNewbornEarly childhood developmentTo a baby's evolutionCalendar of newborn constructionTests of baby development: 1-3 monthsTests of child growth: 4-6 monthsTests of baby construction: 7-9 weeksTests of a child: 10-12 weeks   Similar Child.articles:Attention of a baby. When starting month later giving birthBabyNight-feedingBabyNewborn. Hardening of babiesNewborn. . . . Читать полностью -->

Child. To fresh air

ChildIf a newborn's mass at birth was less than 3 kilogram, the child suckles properly, sleeps 18-20 hours, and upon wakefulness effectual enough to walk It is possible to (and must!) Every day. In very cold or too windy weather enough to spend at least 40 min in a sweet air. When the thermometer temperature is above zero, boldly Walk hour and a 0.5. If you think that the carriage is heartwarming enough, a first time it is possible to put a child in a limited sleeping bag (envelope), lined with padding polyester.It is great to know so to put on a newborn's soft (not too close!) Things - some layers: a T-shirt, cotton sweater, hot suit plus a blanket or an envelope. If you are not too impressionable, we recommend for the 1st time to dress and wrap a baby in whatever you think is necessary.The second - a some less, in a third - even less if you walk following a second baby was not frozen (legs, arms, body, head was soft.) This is best technique to find a middle ground, because the weather is changeable. It is also significant not to overdo it in a "warming." Meteonovosti possess to listen to every day and keep track of the own garments, too: It is possible to not catch a coldness and get sick!By a method, experience shows that the biggest question - it is frozen or wet feet. Читать полностью -->

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