Care of a child. EARLY CONSTRUCTION OF INFANTS - Babies's regular sports complex

ChildIf potential, it is good to install a landline children's sports complex for the physical construction of a newborn.Read moreNewbornEarly childhood buildingTo a newborn's evolutionCalendar of baby growthTests of newborn construction: 1-3 weeksTests of newborn progress: 4-6 weeksTests of newborn building: 7-9 weeksTests of the baby: 10-12 weeks   Alike Mothers.articles:Care of a child. Crusts on a headNewbornChild. Dining pregnant. Fresh-feeding. Child Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMBabyMums. Vitamin for infantsBaby. Читать полностью -->

Baby. EARLY BUILDING OF CHILDREN - Babies's sports complex

NewbornIf possible, it is best to install a landline kids's regular sports complex for a physical development of a baby.Read moreChildEarly childhood evolutionTo a child's buildingCalendar of newborn developmentTests of child building: 1-3 monthsTests of baby development: 4-6 monthsTests of baby growth: 7-9 monthsTests of the child: 10-12 weeks   Newborn. Alike posts:Upkeep of a baby. Feeding childBabyChild upkeep. Dining nursing mumsBabyMoms. Massage for childrenNewborn. . Читать полностью -->

Baby. A extract must be given between meals

BabyIt is true in a lot of families decided to wash out down breakfast, lunch and dinner, regardless of a dishes on offer and a number. In fact, such a sequence of receipt of products in a stomach impairs digestion. A child in a afternoon, culminating nectar may complain about bloating and abdominal pain.Apply of a drink earlier a meal - is not the best option. It causes a false sense of satiety. Besides the confection tasting may kill a newborn appetite. But give juice at lunch is very helpful. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child.«Russian feeding scheme"

BabyUnluckily, a clear definition of a "Russian schemes" now may not be given. There are yet advocates the introduction of fresh juice from 3 weeks of age - a system of complementary foods was distributed during a youth of our moms and grandmothers. These hours, most of the calls it outdated, but there are pediatricians who continue to insist on a correctness of such a trick.A lot of supporters possess yet mentioned pedagogical feeding. But a most well-known is a scheme by which children 1st give fresh vegetables or raspberries. What is to stop - a choice is yours, but the experienced mothers are advised to begin with raw vegetables. For a toddler, not already familiar with anything other than fresh milk or formula, even bland zucchini or cauliflower will be a revelation.And if you start with an apple or apricot, It is possible to face a fact that the child so refuses to move to voschi - because fresh fruits are more candy and delicious. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a child. Symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism in kids

ChildThe diagnosis of "congenital hypothyroidism" put both boys and girls. In most cases, a child with this question is no varied from other babies. How, attentive mother may, from a 1-st days notice symptoms of little thyroid action: Toddler sluggish sucks his big belly, dry skin, poor body temperature, severe jaundice. And the cry of a baby limited, hoarse. Edematous facial skin, especially the eyelids. Often these babies revealed an umbilical hernia.  Resembling posts:Newborn. Читать полностью -->

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