«Russian feeding scheme"

BabyUnfortunately, a clear definition of the "Russian schemes" now may not be given. There are still advocates the introduction of breeding juice from three weeks of age - a system of complementary foods was distributed upon a youth of our moms and grandmothers. These times, most of a calls it outdated, but there are pediatricians who continue to insist on a correctness of such a trick.Lots of supporters get along mentioned pedagogical feeding. But the most popular is a scheme by which babies 1-st give vegetables or strawberries. What is to stop - the range is yours, but a experienced moms are advised to begin with fresh vegetables. For a toddler, not along familiar with anything other than fresh natural milk or formula, even bland zucchini or cauliflower will be a revelation.And if you start with an big apple or apricot, you can face a fact that a newborn then refuses to move to voschi - because fruits are more sweet and delicious. You as well claim to lure slowly evolved into a full lunch or dinner, and did not stay dessert.Timing of a introduction of complementary foods may be various. It depends on what your child is bottle-fed. If a baby - "naturalist", no demand to hurry, up to 6-7 weeks of nothing but warm natural milk it is not required (provided that the natural milk from the mom's missing). If a newborn eats blends complete with a speed dating adult diet food and introduce solid foods with 4-5 weeks depending on the weight gain.All of the above, how a rule, does not cause much controversy among mums with pediatricians. Until so, until it comes time to propose a newborn fresh meat, fish, egg or cottage cheese. Russian Union of pediatricians recommend meat - with 7 weeks; fish - with 7 weeks, egg and curds - with 6 weeks. However, a lot of parents do not agree with such terms and transfer them into 2 or even three months.A reason for a growing popularity of prolonged fresh-feeding more and more babies are not weaned until a year, sometimes to feed two or even three years. There is a growing number of consultants on lactation that insist on a fact that breast milk is however perfect product for newborn, there's no demand to hurry up to supplement it with anything else. However, the latest counselors require to listen carefully - highly ofttimes consultants are working people who keep no medicinal training.  Child. Alike posts:Newborn. Children diseaseBabyMoms. Night-feedingBabyUpkeep of a baby. Vitamin for childrenChild

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