Baby care. A umbilical ring

BabyOccasionally the newborn's umbilical ring closes more slowly than ordinary. As a effect, you may have a small (about the size of an inch) an umbilical hernia. Chances are good that it will pass when a abdominal muscles have stronger. In a meantime, do sure that a baby was crying less. Following all, while it is more annoying screaming muscles of the abdomen, and this hernia will alone increase.In ordering to help the kid, do with it an exercise to strengthen the abdominal wall - so a hernia will disappear faster. To do this more often lay a newborn on his stomach on the hard surface. If, despite your good efforts, a hernia is not decreased, be sure to consult your medical man.  Resembling posts:Rickets and Vitamin DChildUpkeep of a newborn. Dining nursing motherNewbornCare of a child. Rickets and Vitamin DNewborn

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