Child. To fresh air

ChildIf a newborn's mass at birth was less than 3 kilogram, the child suckles properly, sleeps 18-20 hours, and upon wakefulness effectual enough to walk It is possible to (and must!) Every day. In very cold or too windy weather enough to spend at least 40 min in a sweet air. When the thermometer temperature is above zero, boldly Walk hour and a 0.5. If you think that the carriage is heartwarming enough, a first time it is possible to put a child in a limited sleeping bag (envelope), lined with padding polyester.It is great to know so to put on a newborn's soft (not too close!) Things - some layers: a T-shirt, cotton sweater, hot suit plus a blanket or an envelope. If you are not too impressionable, we recommend for the 1st time to dress and wrap a baby in whatever you think is necessary.The second - a some less, in a third - even less if you walk following a second baby was not frozen (legs, arms, body, head was soft.) This is best technique to find a middle ground, because the weather is changeable. It is also significant not to overdo it in a "warming." Meteonovosti possess to listen to every day and keep track of the own garments, too: It is possible to not catch a coldness and get sick!By a method, experience shows that the biggest question - it is frozen or wet feet. You wish a soft and, most importantly, waterproof shoes. Paradoxically, squelching boots and cold feet... Ever lead us to squish his nose, and accordingly to cold.Where to walk? Most children can not stand a wind, frost, snow and rain in a skin. Put this into consideration when choosing the route walks.Tip in a subject. Prolonged exposure to cool air can cause a skin on a face will begin to shrink and even peel off. You will be such a "compress": 15-20 min after returning home, soak a cotton cloth in a heartwarming decoction of mint or chamomile. Cloth wrung out, attach it for TWO-3 min to the face. When the skin to calm down, put the loved (well known to a facials face) facial skin fresh food.Properly, if you enjoy a any extra minutes and (suddenly your newborn is inspect dreams after a walk?) Instead of the fluid is quite suitable mask of sweet egg yolk mixed with 1 teaspoon Concentrate vitamins A and a same volume of any oil. Following approximately Fifteen minutes, rinse with cool water.By the technique, the face can "act up" after the birth for a some more weeks - is hormonal changes the aging body and setting up on breastfeeding.    Care of a baby. Like Care of a newborn.articles:Maintenance of a child. Congenital hypothyroidism in babiesChildBaby attention. LactationChildChild upkeep. Thin hair loss following giving birthBaby

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