Baby upkeep. Breastfeeding

ChildIn the ranking of the most valuable items, by nature, the natural milk comes 1-st. But most importantly, it is ideal for delicate baby's digestive system.Give up the scheduleLet's put a child bust on request. Do not be worried some that at 1-st too frequently asks for a newborn is. Gradually a small man himself will develop diet. Every feeding, start with the natural that is "resting" in the finish time.Do not decant after feedingMilk is produced in exactly the same numbers how what you need child. Decanting, you misinform the body, and the natural milk becomes more than a kid may eat.Eat rightlyNutritionists advise mothers to prepare a menu of safe products and to expand a ration gradually. Avoid fatty and spicy foods, raw raw vegetables and fresh fruits. A first 3 weeks exclude with the diet fresh cabbage, beans, peas, onions - you cause the child colic.Remember: citrus fresh fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, honey, pork - strong allergens. Discard them in a name of the baby's health.Strong watter, coffee, alcohol, mild drinks, canned crab and meat is not for you. Change them with veggie ragout, roasted fresh meat and fresh juices.Pick up care of naturalKeep the nipples do not appear cracks. Insure against them by well applying a baby to the natural. Do not Thoroughly wash it more than once a day. Later feeding grease nipples drops his natural milk.Examine the chest each time and check to see if it seals. You may be a sign of incipient mastitis. If you find something similar that, do applique with grated potatoes, honey and milk yoghurt. When feeding, massage a problem areas.  Moms. Resembling posts:Leaving of a child. Finger gymnastics. The growth of nice motor skillsNewbornMothers. Night-feedingNewbornBaby. Vitamins for childrenBaby

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