Child leaving. Baby development: vision and hearing

NewbornBright fun (ball, rattle, ring) put at arm's length in sight of a child at a distance of 60-70 centimeters above his skin and wait for the newborn's eyes linger on the fun. So beginning shake it leftward and rightward with an amplitude of 5-7 centimeters and a frequency of around TWO times per second.In a next, move a fun in variant directions (left, rightly, up, down) closer to the newborn is 20-30 cm and removing at arm's length. Duration of training - 1-TWO min Frequency - 1-TWO minutes a day. Similarly, must engage with a toys that make faint, soft sound.A construction of a baby in 1 30 daysThe growth of the newborn in 1 30 daysWhat does a newborn in one 30 daysLovely motor skills in one 30 daysThe development of a newborn in 2 weeksA development of the child in 3 monthsDevelopment of a newborn under 1 yearCalendar of newborn development   Similar Child upkeep.articles:Baby. Aqua AerobicsNewbornMothers. Dining pregnant. Breast-feeding. Baby Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMNewbornTeething in childrenBaby

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