Newborn care. Fresh food allergies in kids under a age of

BabyIn older infants a organization of clinical nutrition is somewhat more complicated, and needs a more rigorous approach moms. The ban on allergoopasnye products, in this case used to a long-term, and schedule for therapy is a gradual process.A first phase of a ration accounted for a acute phase of allergy and lasts 1-2 week. It is a time of strict rejection of all (even potentially dangerous) of allergenic foods. At this stage, completely banned broths, spicy, salted, pickled, fried, smoked fresh food, spices. Acceptable (but in limited quantity!) Dairy items, saline, cane sugar, certain cereals and floury products.Once allergy symptoms subside, you can proceed to a second phase of clinical nutrition, lasting 2-3 weeks. At this time of the newborn's schedule for excludes foods, allergens, and all of the products to which it may be a cross-reaction.If by the end of the third 30 days of allergic manifestations disappeared completely, begin a gradual transition to the third, restorative, phase. The dietary of the baby gradually expanded, gradually introduced allergoopasnye items, except so expressly set up allergens.Re-return to the regime of dangerous products start with short doses (at minutes with 5-10 grams) in a satisfying, under a strict control and accurate records in a dietary diary. If all goes rightly, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to normal. Allergy - a serious matter, a means of getting rid of that is a reasonable approach to nutrition and lifestyle. If you get a strength and perseverance to follow the simple constraints to a top of adolescence, your newborn will be absolutely healthy.Meals for allergiesAllergies in ChildrenNutrition, schedule for for allergies   Child. Alike Maintenance of a newborn.articles:Newborn. Calendar of newborn evolutionChildDining nursing momsBabyMothers. Hardening of infantsBaby

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